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Dental treatments here

Dental treatments here

Did you know you can extend your dog’s life and reduce costly health issues by just maintaining good dental hygiene. Dogs don’t get cavities but they do get gingivitis and the smaller the breed the more horrific the damage. Gingivitis breaks down the bones in a dogs face so of course with smaller breeds it has less bone to get through. Once the process of decay begins it sets them up for other issues such as abscesses in the mouth and sinuses. It also increases the risk heart, liver and kidney disease. Please don’t let the size of your dog stop you from brushing and getting their teeth scaled and cleaned. Maintaining and staying ahead of the game can save you heartbreak and lots of money down the road.

A little shocking isn’t it? Yea I think so too and so is bad breath!

Stop by the salon and we will be happy to smell your dogs breath and tell you what we think. Lol!
In some cases it’s best your veterinarian performs a cleaning under anesthesia and once that is done we will happy to help keep you on track.

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