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Is your dog a swimmer?

Dogs are four legged children and it’s hard to keep them out of the water for the sake of keeping a certain look on that fluffy kid. One of the best ways to prevent that extreme shavedown after all the fun is to think ahead. If you know your dog is not going to stay out of the water get him a short haircut. Short is not always ugly and it sure beats that extreme shavedown with chicken feet. Think of it as swimwear, its practical.

I’m sure you are wondering why I’m choosing to bring this up now at the end of the summer. I think this post is good at the beginning of the summer and the end. Most people are in denial that it just won’t happen with their dog cuz they will brush him. With some dogs this is absolutely unfair for both the dog and the groomer. Once the hair really begins to mat up it gets out of control very quickly. There is no tool on the market to date that will cut through a heavily tangled coat, the clippers have to go under the matted hair. Please don’t try to put your pup through detangling and pulling on these mats just to save a look. The hair will grow back, your dog’s emotions will not. If this year you had to have “chicken feet” on your dog and you can’t even believe how stupid he looks, get that short haircut next year.

Please check out the video with this post. It shows an extremely matted swim coat being shaved. Watch how I am more or less peeling the hair off with my clippers. This is risky business, you never know til you know what is under those mats.

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