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Did you know cats require as much grooming as dogs?

Contrary to popular belief, cats need as much grooming as dogs. A short haired cat benefits from a through grooming for the same reasons a double coated dog would. A basic bath and comb out helps to keep them comfortable as the seasons change as well as many health benefits for you and your cat. Mostly, can you imagine never having a bath in your life? Better yet, who wants to live with an animal that has never had a bath?

Some good clues that your cat needs a bath are as follows: You are constantly cleaning up cat hair in your home and on everything you wear. Your cat has dandruff, feels greasy or the hair seems to separate. Clumps that are hard or thick and stick out from the rest of your cat’s coat is also a tell tell sign. I suggest having a short haired cat groomed about 3 to 4 times a year, mostly with the changes of seasons and sometimes twice in the spring depending on how big a shedder your cat is.

Medium hair or long haired cats required more grooming both at home and in the salon. If you are brushing at home, pat yourself on the back you brave soul, but chances are you will still want to consider having them groomed as well. If your cat beats you up when you attempt brushing or combing consider having a haircut 2 to 3 times a year. Please don’t let your cat get clumpy hard places in the coat before you take action. Stay ahead of the matting and get a Lion clip or some clipping done in the troubled places.

Claws can become ingrown. Overgrown or ingrown toenails can be a very serious problem for your cat and expensive at the Veterinarian. If left to grow long enough they can with some cats grow through the pad or back into toe. Once the claw is clipped the cat will need to be on antibiotics. We do remove claws that have penetrated the skin in average cases, but more extreme cases should be done at your veterinarian’s office.

If you would like to know more please feel free to give us a call or stop by to see us.