About Jeana

“Most dogs love coming to my shop because it’s kind of like a ‘barber shop environment for dogs’ – it’s fun and social.”

Jeana Ward, founder of Jeana’s Dirty Dog salon, has been in the pet industry for 38 years. She feels that pet grooming is an art as well as a necessity.

“My love for animals came naturally”, says Jeana. “Both my parents are animal lovers. Animals have always been a huge part of my life.  My favorite pet related job and past employer Rick Schwartz (President of Nashville Zoo)  taught me how to handle cats, rats, snakes. The experience Rick gave me with cats gives me an edge with cats that not many groomers have.  Thank you Rick!

When Jeana was 17, she was offered a work-study program at the local grooming shop. She got the job and was taught the art of grooming by Kay Bolling, a graduate of the New York School of Grooming. She was identified by her employer as a natural from the very start.

Jeana WardAfter 2 years of tutelage under Kay, Jeana found herself thrust into the Dog Show Circuit. “Back when I was learning how to groom, you rarely saw grand variety of the breeds you see today. When I found myself working at a show kennel, I was exposed to not just Spaniels, Scotties, Poodles, Schnauzers and the usual breeds, but to the more uncommon breeds of dogs from around the world.”

Jeana specializes in scissor work above all else. “I think I have a great relationship with not only my four-legged customers, but my two-legged customers as well.” Ask many of her customers and you’ll hear the words ‘warm’, caring’ and ‘friendly’ as well as ‘expert’ and ‘informative’.  At Jeana’s salon you can expect to learn how to offer your pet the healthiest diet and home care.

Jeana’s shop is full of staff she chooses for their professionalism, character, quality and enthusiasm. “And most of all”, says Jeana, “how well they relate to cats and dogs”.