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First Sniff

A parody of the viral video ‘First Kiss’ – only with dogs…

Lady’s discount



Bring in a copy of  the picture with Lady holding a $5 coupon and get $5.00 off your dirty Labrador’s next grooming. Offer is available 9/17/2013 – 10/18/2013.



Is your dog a swimmer?

Dogs are four legged children and it’s hard to keep them out of the water for the sake of keeping a certain look on that fluffy kid. One of the best ways to prevent that extreme shavedown after all the fun is to think ahead. If you know your dog is not going to stay out of the water get him a short haircut. Short is not always ugly and it sure beats that extreme shavedown with chicken feet. Think of it as swimwear, its practical.

I’m sure you are wondering why I’m choosing to bring this up now at the end of the summer. I think this post is good at the beginning of the summer and the end. Most people are in denial that it just won’t happen with their dog cuz they will brush him. With some dogs this is absolutely unfair for both the dog and the groomer. Once the hair really begins to mat up it gets out of control very quickly. There is no tool on the market to date that will cut through a heavily tangled coat, the clippers have to go under the matted hair. Please don’t try to put your pup through detangling and pulling on these mats just to save a look. The hair will grow back, your dog’s emotions will not. If this year you had to have “chicken feet” on your dog and you can’t even believe how stupid he looks, get that short haircut next year.

Please check out the video with this post. It shows an extremely matted swim coat being shaved. Watch how I am more or less peeling the hair off with my clippers. This is risky business, you never know til you know what is under those mats.

Dental treatments here

Dental treatments here

Did you know you can extend your dog’s life and reduce costly health issues by just maintaining good dental hygiene. Dogs don’t get cavities but they do get gingivitis and the smaller the breed the more horrific the damage. Gingivitis breaks down the bones in a dogs face so of course with smaller breeds it has less bone to get through. Once the process of decay begins it sets them up for other issues such as abscesses in the mouth and sinuses. It also increases the risk heart, liver and kidney disease. Please don’t let the size of your dog stop you from brushing and getting their teeth scaled and cleaned. Maintaining and staying ahead of the game can save you heartbreak and lots of money down the road.

A little shocking isn’t it? Yea I think so too and so is bad breath!

Stop by the salon and we will be happy to smell your dogs breath and tell you what we think. Lol!
In some cases it’s best your veterinarian performs a cleaning under anesthesia and once that is done we will happy to help keep you on track.

Did you know cats require as much grooming as dogs?

Contrary to popular belief, cats need as much grooming as dogs. A short haired cat benefits from a through grooming for the same reasons a double coated dog would. A basic bath and comb out helps to keep them comfortable as the seasons change as well as many health benefits for you and your cat. Mostly, can you imagine never having a bath in your life? Better yet, who wants to live with an animal that has never had a bath?

Some good clues that your cat needs a bath are as follows: You are constantly cleaning up cat hair in your home and on everything you wear. Your cat has dandruff, feels greasy or the hair seems to separate. Clumps that are hard or thick and stick out from the rest of your cat’s coat is also a tell tell sign. I suggest having a short haired cat groomed about 3 to 4 times a year, mostly with the changes of seasons and sometimes twice in the spring depending on how big a shedder your cat is.

Medium hair or long haired cats required more grooming both at home and in the salon. If you are brushing at home, pat yourself on the back you brave soul, but chances are you will still want to consider having them groomed as well. If your cat beats you up when you attempt brushing or combing consider having a haircut 2 to 3 times a year. Please don’t let your cat get clumpy hard places in the coat before you take action. Stay ahead of the matting and get a Lion clip or some clipping done in the troubled places.

Claws can become ingrown. Overgrown or ingrown toenails can be a very serious problem for your cat and expensive at the Veterinarian. If left to grow long enough they can with some cats grow through the pad or back into toe. Once the claw is clipped the cat will need to be on antibiotics. We do remove claws that have penetrated the skin in average cases, but more extreme cases should be done at your veterinarian’s office.

If you would like to know more please feel free to give us a call or stop by to see us.