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Jeana Ward

Jeana Ward

Pet Stylist

Jeana began pet grooming just before graduating from high school. She worked in the pet care industry in Raleigh for 10 years, before relocating to Boston. Early in her career she was employed by Rick Schwartz (now the president of the Nashville Zoo.) Mr. Schwartz introduced Jeana to cat grooming, as well as working with exotic animals like Binturongs, Servals, small primates. She was also introduced to cat grooming which was uncommon for most grooming facilities and it was years later before she got another opportunity to work with cats.

Eventually after moving to Boston, she was employed by an establishment in Cambridge where cat grooming was a service that the community wanted. In 1996 she opened Jeana’s Dirty Dog & Kitties Too! The demand for cat grooming has grown and starting in 2021, Jeana made cats a priority. Clean cats are happy, healthy cats. The community has a dire need for cat-friendly facilities. In order to offer quality service she studied at the National Cat Grooming Institute, the first of its kind in the world.

Having a properly groomed cat in your home is a complete game changer because it benefits your cat's health and wellbeing. A clean cat is a happy cat.

By appointment only:
Tuesday 10 am - 7 pm
Wednesday - Saturday 9 am - 5 pm